Hayworth mansion, built in 1771 for the Hayworth family, has a rich history of owners and has been used for many purposes from private schools, to hospitals, to hotels. Owners, companies and regular visitors never stayed long. Rumor has it ghosts like to pay a visit every now and then. And they 're not all too fond of anyone disturbing their peace and quiet.
In the late 40's, William Hayworth, said to be related to the first owners of the mansion, moves in with his family and decides to turn the mansion into a hotel.
Business have been going swell ever since, and all rumors of ghosts roaming the halls have died out. That doesn't mean the dead don't walk among the guests, though...

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13 February 1992 - 22 October 2011 [forever 19]

Kiara Abinsay was born Februari 13th, 1992 to Rico Abinsay and Marie De La Montagne, making Kiara a cross between Filipino and French blood. Her first three years she has spent in the Philippines, being a very gleeful young kid. She used to spend days discovering parts of her neighborhood, playing ball with her nephews and nieces - because there were plenty of ‘em - and going to the beach with her mom. But then her father made a promotion, and they moved to San Francisco, CA — and it was the beginning of a change in Kiara’s behavior. Of course, she was still very gleeful, but being in contact with the whole American way of life, she started to become more adventurous than before, she already quickly lost interest in everything that had to do with her Hispanic heritage and she started to speak English everywhere.

Now, fifteen years later Kiara is a flirtatious person, she’s not afraid to be blunt and tell everyone the truth, even though it might hurt. She’s not the best when it comes to feelings, especially because she had a pretty tough past considering her love life. The person she fell in love with when she was about fourteen, was a girl. An older girl, named Jordan. She was beautiful, or at least to Kiara she was and anyone else’s opinion didn’t really matter, but her inside was pretty damn cruel. They dated on and off for three years. Kiara fell for her trics every time, even though she knew it would end the same, Jordan leaving her for someone prettier, or someone with more sexual prowess. When she was seventeen she was sent to Sacrament√≥ to go to boarding school - a very Catholic, Spanish oriented boarding school at that, because her parents wanted her to honor it just as much as she used to do back in the Philippines - and she lost contact with Jordan. She feels better now, even though at times she’s still hurting. She’s carrying the scars and emotional damage with her, and she constantly thinks she’s not enough for anyone, that she’s not pretty enough to measure up to all the other girls.

A long story short, Kiara is a beautiful package of damaged goods.

Now she’s nineteen years old, and graduated from her boarding school. She took a year of hiatus, wanting to see a bit from the world before she went to college. And her first destination? New York. Unfortunately she never reached that destination. On a sad, rainy October day she was on her way to the airport in Los Angeles when she was hit by a car. The doctors really tried, but she fell into coma and two weeks later she died. Because of the coma she lost quite some memories from more recent days, and she still feels like the girl that just graduated, even though that was more than a year ago. Why she turned appeared at the Hayworth Mansion is a question to her, but then again, everything is. She doesn’t know she’s dead. Which, most likely, will bring quite some difficulties.

Well, maybe this time around, she will finally be treasured like she should be. And if her afterlife brings her true love, then maybe it won’t be so bad.

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